Complete fork and shock service

On a daily basis we work on some of the most advanced suspension on the market. As a Ohlins Service Center we are up to date with the best and most technical training.  However, We are more than just Ohlins. We provide suspension service for many brands including: JRi, Penske, Elka, Race Tech, KYB, and Showa.  We work on shocks from many brands of Motorcycle: HD, Honda, Suzuki, Ducati, Kawasaki and Triumph. We stock those hard to find parts and carry a large selection of service consumables. 

Ohlins TTX shocks Ohlins shock service

When we do a fork service we mean we do full service. We never cut corners and it can take as long as it takes to get it done right.

  • Every shock/Fork service is a "Blueprint". By recording all setting, specifications and parts installed we have a record that we can stand on.

  • All parts are cleaned in a Ultrasonic hot tank using non toxic eco friendly Mirachem500. We do not use any harsh or cancer causing cleaners. It is a more labor intensive "Full breakdown" process but our technicians health and our planet matter first.

  • We start out by recording all setting.

  •  Dissasemble all components. 

  •  On a typical service we install new O-rings, bladders, shims and rebuild the seal head.  

  • We replace the shaft bushing and worn out shims.  

  • Shocks are serviced using a vacuum filling machine to bleed out any nasty air bubbles. 

  • All work is double checked for proper movement and reaction.

  • All changes and setting are recorded with a complete build record.

  • Shocks are run before and after on a Roehrig 3VS Dyno to ensure optimum performance.