Öhlins Service Center.com

Working closely with ÖhlinsUSA. We are one of the oldest Ohlins Service Centers in America. We help to support Öhlins Racing Service in AMA Road Racing. Our experience can ensure that you get the best support for your Öhlins Suspension

 Öhlins Service Center in the USA

As the technical leading edge Ohlins Service Center in the USA. We strive to provide the highest level of service.

 We have been providing motorcycle Suspension service for over 20 years. ÖhlinsUSA reached out in 2002. They had picked us to be the Midwest United States Öhlins Service Center. It was a great start to a long relationship with Ohlins. Ten thousand shocks and forks later and we have learned a lot. We focus to provide Street and Race level service/tuning thoughout the United States.   Working for ÖhlinsUSA in AMA MotoAmerica has helped us to hone our skills and knowledge to the next level. Though our customer base has grown national over the years. We still strive to give personal service.

We approach Öhlins shock and fork service with a different perspective.

First, The job takes as long as it takes until we are 100% happy with the performance. No corner cutting! Every O-ring and wear item are replaced. Not something that you see often.

Second, We want to perform the service in the most environmental friendly way possible.  The technicians health and the planets health come first.  We have researched and tried many different technics. The hands down winner: All parts and cleaned with a Ultrasonic water based hot tank.  We utilize Mirachem water based cleaners. We do not use petroleum based cleaners in our service process. The added time and effort and worth the cost. 


Öhlins shock and fork Service are what we do 7 days a week!

We provide leading edge service and technical support for Ohlins shocks in the USA and beyond. To understand our view of professional factory level suspension service. It is more of what we are not! Then what we really are!

  • We are not the "Biggest"! We've all heard it before.

  • We are not the "self proclamed best" There are no Ohlins awards.

  • We are not a internet warehouse company. The lowest price is always more in the end.

  • We are not the self proclamed #1 dealer. Where do they get that???

  • We are not the self proclaimed #1 service center. No one is rating them.

  • We are not a guy in front of a computer reading from a parts book. We have a mind, knowledge and technical experience.

  • We are not doing cookie cutter service. We are experienced technicians.  Not enough time in the day to do it wrong.

What we are: Trusted!