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Ohlins shocks & Suspension is our Specialty. When it comes to: Ohlins Tuning, Ohlins Service and Ohlins Sales. We have proven ourselves at Race Tracks all over the United States. 

 Knowing every aspect of a Ohlins shock benefits all types of riders. Providing one on one Ohlins shock support makes the difference. 

 Why buy your Ohlins shocks and forks from a warehouse company when you can buy from a ohlins suspension factory tuner? 

We do more than just race suspension. Sport, Touring, Cruiser. If Ohlins makes a shock for it. We can then we can help with the techincal expertise that is needed. For your individual riding needs.

In the 80's Ohlins Sweden dominated Motocross racing. In the 90's Ohlins dominated World Superbike with Ducati and then moved on to Moto GP World Domination.  Öhins has continued to be the driving force in motorcycle suspension. Keeping ahead with the most advanced suspension technology. 

ÖHLINS Shocks and Forks

Go for the Gold

 Öhlins USA is the North American distributor of the world’s-leading performance suspension components for motor vehicles, from two to four wheels. Öhlins suspension components transform a vehicle’s performance more than any other modification, improving acceleration, handling, and braking in every condition and extreme. Öhlins USA specializes in the technology of fun.

Öhlins TTXGP

Öhlins Twin Tube Technology

Based on the highly regarded TTX technology it has been developed from Öhlins’ vast experience in MotoGP. Compared with the standard TTX36 MkII, the compression and rebound adjustments have improved even further with a new adjustment needle, providing better guidance and a different flow restriction behavior. The function of the damper is more consistent with less variation and the adjusters work in a more precise manner. A new main piston completes the package, designed to improve traction and rider control. Did we mention that the weight is reduced even further? Among the advantages are a much improved chassis feedback as well as enhanced performance. Also, the adjustment range is even wider and with this new design, the variation in behavior from one shock absorber to another is further reduced – a proof of Öhlins commitment to precision. The TTX GP continues on the TTX36 path, sharing and improving on the benefits of one of the best shock absorbers in the world. TTX GP will be available for most major bikes used in national racing as well as the new street bike models.

Öhlins 46mm Shocks

Proven Design, Proven Performance

The Öhlins STX 46 shock absorber comes in a wide range of styles and for many different bikes in the smaller Hyper Sport segment, such as the Yamaha R3, Ninja 250 Honda CBR 250. This shock absorber features the Öhlins well-known Monotube design with its builds quality. With fully adjustable compression and rebound damping it has a great range of adjustments possible. And if you would like to have it, you can fit the shock absorber with an optional hydraulic spring preloader! The Öhlins STX 46 shock absorber brings a new way to ride your bike. With enhanced cornering performance and improved comfort it contributes to rider confidence which makes you want to go faster around the track. But the STX 46 does also work well for your daily commute and the weekend country road tour.Tell people more about this item. Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want

Twin Shocks

Classic Motorcycle Shocks

Featuring all the classical Öhlins qualities delivering top notch performance for our street bike. Available in emulsion, piggyback or hose versions, depending on application, it can also be specified with a number of different damping adjustment options with or without length adjustment. Suitable for any application from cruisers to café racers, the STX36 shocks are one of Öhlins most successful designs of all times.Tell people more about this item. Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want. 

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JRi Shocks

Jeff Ryan Industries

JRi Shock Production facility in Mooresville, NC

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JRi: Jeff Ryan Industries is one of those great American success stories. As a icon in racing suspension around the globe.  Starting as one of the original Fox shock employees. He worked his way up through the ranks. Moving on to Penske where he would take charge and change the motorsport industry. In 2007, Jeff started JRi and has based out of Mooresville, NC. Making shocks in the USA.

JRi 3 way Piggyback shock.  
JRi Remote reservoir 3-way shock

As one of the first Ohlins Service Centers in the USA. We have worked closely with OhlinsUSA for more than 15 years.