The perfect answer to fix your off corner fueling serge!  Replace your stock throttle with a smoother pull. 

The G2 Street Tamer Throttle Tube incorporates a non-linear ratio between hand throttle rotation and carburetor or throttle body opening.  The “pulley”, or as we call it, “cam” pulls the throttle cable as the rider rotates the grip/tube.  By altering the conventional, circular shaped cam, a vast improvement in control is achieved and “throttle snatch” is drastically reduced.

The G2 Street Tamer Throttle Tube has a cam with a reduced radius initially, which requires a slightly farther rotation to achieve the same carburetor or throttle body opening position as a stock throttle.  This virtually eliminates the jerk


G2 Street Tamer Throttle Tube

SKU: G2-Tamer

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