From the very first introduction of the Ducati Scrambler. It was clear that the specs on the suspension were insufficient. The reviews of the bike were great but the ride was another story. Getting our hands on one of the first pre-production press bikes. Proved that the suspension was found lacking. We had a bike that screamed "True Raw Ducati" . Yet, It had a ride that was more like a "UHaul" truck.   Quite simply the bike was broke from the factory and we needed to fix it!

SB Shock reservoir mounted
SB SHock Mounted
Flat Track Ducati Scrambler
Flattrack Scrambler
Ducati Scrambler Aftermarket shocks
SB "Double" Adjustable Shock
Single Adjustable Scrambler Shock
Ohlins scrambler fork
IMG_4111 (1)
Ducati Scrambler Suspension
Double Adjustable Scrambler Shock
Andreani Fork Cartridge
Ducati Scrambler Suspension
Costa Rica
Ducati Scrambler Rear Shock
Italian Prototype Scrambler
25mm Fork Cartridges

  We wanted to bring to market. The very best performance front end for a Scrambler.

Very similar to the original swedish 25mm fork cartridge achitecture. The design has been race proven for decades now.  

Working with Dave Hodges of GP  suspension we were able fit the Scrambler with parts "Made in America" 

Only form purchasing from SB  ensures that the fork cartridges are spec'd to our satisfaction.

Each Cartridge is custom valved to Ken's spec. to ensure the best ride. A ride that can be found nowhere else. 

Custom Shocks

We knew that others would try but we wanted to be first, be the best and set the benchmark. 

With a clean sheet of paper on the design. The shock had to be a very modular design. One that could offer whatever the rider needed. With a great working relationship with Marcus McBain. I  turned to Jeff Ryan and JRi to supply the American made parts.

I think we deliver everything that the Scrambler rider wants. A shock that had the ability for"on the fly" Rebound and compression adjustments.  Requiring no special tools. (We always recommend to adjust the suspension at a safe and complete stop.)

Available in 3 configurations:

  •  Single adjustable: Rebound Only

  • Double adjustable: Compression and Rebound

  • Triple Adjustable: High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression and Rebound

  • All models have mechanical spring preload adjustment

  • All model are custom dyno tuned for each individual rider on a Roehrig Shock Dynometer.