Shocks Testing on Roehrig 3VS-HV

     As a Öhlins Service center we are always refining our procedures and ways of utilizing technologies. All in a effort to supply the best and most reliable shock service available to our customers. 

     Providing a base level shock service can be done by following a manual and guessing if the shock is serviced correctly.  What if we didn't want to guess? What if we wanted to test performance in real time? Long before the customer bolts the shock in and goes for a ride. How do we check our work?

     The answer: We accomplish such goals by utilizing a electric actuated (crank style) suspension dynamometer(dyno for short).  Basically a 3HP electric motor utilizing a transmission and English yoke to move the shock through it's "movement of stroke".  Moving the shock through it's stroke at different speed and loads. We can use sensors to measure damping force, Velocity, distance of travel and resistance. 

      With computer software we can get a clear and concise picture of the what is going on inside the shock. The performance window of the shock and a kind of health check.

Before every service we dyno the incoming shock to check on the condition and performance of the shock. 

    Whenever we service or build a shock. The shock is dyno tested.  We do this for all brands. JRi motorcycle shocks, Penske motorcycle shocks, Showa, KYB, Hyperpro, Elka motorcycle shocks, Wilburs and more.

Dyno Time Charges:
Per Performance Run $25
Before and after service charge =$50
Complete ShockPerformance window results: $150
Complete clicker range. Great reference to see what each click will do at the track.

We use this dyno curve over on service intervals page. It's a great example of the performance drop after a years worth of riding.

Finding problems during service. The ocean waves of the dyno curve were a sign. Not until we disassembled the shock and inspected the parts could we know what was wrong.  The bike had been low sided at the track.  A soft simple crash and yet it bent the main shaft of the ohlins ttx shock. As a ohlins service center it's important to care about the small details.

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